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Long hair don’t care!
It has been hard to watch my hair go through countless transformations at hair shows and modeling gigs. As a result, my hair was very damaged and I forced to cut the length. Which bummed me out.
Summer is the time I like to let my natural beauty shine! Like most women, I feel the most beautiful with long hair. So i knew what I had to do. Did some research and found an extension expert to help me with my challenge.
I walked in to LiveLoveBeautyBar, Stephanie’s salon. She made me feel very comfortable about what I felt was an issue. She helped me understand that extensions are very normal, even mainstream. So many people are wearing them. It’s not are you wearing them, but what type are you wearing.
We had a very informitive consultation in which I showed her pictures of my desired results with pictures. She took my short strands and I left with a glorious mane that was exactly like I had imagined! Stephanie is a magician when it come to color, extensions, styling and make up. Everything you want to know about hair extensions is below.
Step – By – Step. Enjoy!

Stephanie Clark

Tell us about yourself, what’s your business name, how long you’ve been doing hair, what is your specialty?
My name is Stephanie Clark, owner of LIVELOVEBEAUTYBAR. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 16 years and absolutely love the beauty industry. I specialize in color, balayage, hair extensions, hair loss, styling, and makeup for bridal and editorial. My passion is to help people feel great about themselves. Hair is so important! It is the accessory that you wear everyday. When your hair and makeup look great, you automatically feel happier and more confident. I’m so lucky to do my passion everyday!
What’s the hair brand you used on me?
I chose to use SHE Hair Extensions, 100% Remy Human Hair.
What’s so special about this hair?
There are many things I love about these extensions. The bond SHE uses for the hair is amazing. The bond is NOT glue. It is made from human grade keratin and polymer, safe and most natural for attachment to hair. The machine used to attach them is also quite intelligent. It only goes to 320 degrees faranhight – so while attaching I won’t be using a heat so high that it will damage the hair in the process. The way the hair is sourced is also ethical – which is extremely important. The hair itself is 100% remy human hair, so a client can style them as they would their own hair. There are over 90 colors to choose from! I have some of the best mentors with SHE hair extensions. I want people to know that extensions are not just for length. Extensions can add length, volume, multi-tonal color, fantasy (unicorn hair) colors without the need to use chemicals on the hair. It can help people that have experienced hair loss or thinning. Because the keratin bond is smaller and customizable, I’m able to attach them in a way that can help to disguise certain problems. I find the flexibility from these extensions make them an easy choice. Working alongside of Sacha Quarles – I’m fortunate to have received the best training in the industry. Anytime I have a question, I can reach out to Sacha or Julie Prey, another mentor and former educator with SHE. It’s not only about the hair, it’s about the bond, the attachment, placement, color and cut. I see clients glow when they get extensions and their confidence soar. Sometimes its  a matter of adding a 20-30 pieces to make my clients feel more beautiful than they ever have.. It’s a beautiful thing to see. It never gets old!
1. Consultation. What happens during first visit?
For the first visit – I ask my clients to bring in pictures of hair they like as their inspiration. This helps give a clear idea of what the client is desiring. During the consultation, I truthfully let them know whether or not this is an achievable look. We discuss lifestyle, maintenance, expectations, and choose the colors. I have them fill out documents that allow me to get to know them better, go over rules, etc. Once everything is set, I take a deposit and schedule their appointment. I also measure the head to ensure I get the right amount of hair, go over investment, and answer any questions. The consultation is crucial in creating my clients dream hair.

hair extensions color match

2. Preparations. What do you do when preparing for hair extensions?
Part of the preparation is picking the correct colors, length, and texture to achieve the clients desired look. A lot of times I need to adjust the clients existing color or do a treatment before installation of the extensions. It is really important that the hair itself is so it can grow in a healthy way with the extensions. I make sure to prep my extensions by cutting down any excess keratin on my bonds and placing them in towels to keep them clean and organized. I ask that the client does not touch the bond nor should anyone but me to avoid getting oils on the bonds. I prep the client by first looking at the hair and pulling out my diagram, I want to see where they have cowlicks and part their hair. This provides me a roadmap. I then prep my clients hair by using a clarifying shampoo to remove all oils and build up on the hair that can act like a barrier and cause unwanted slippage. I get the hair dry and section the hair based upon my roadmap and begin my installation.

Hair extensions step be step process

3. Installation. How long does that take? What are the most important details.
Once the road map is set, hair is prepped all systems are a go. It is very important for the client to keep their head in the position that I place it. By having the client in the wrong position, this can create improper placement of the bond. Extensions can take 20 minutes to 5 hours. It all depends upon how many are being applied, which method of extensions being applied, breaks needed, speed of the stylist, and participation of the client. I specialize in Keratin, Microlink/Ring, Tape-in, Clip-in.
4 Finishing. Why do you need to cut hair and what are the steps at this point.
Cutting is one of the most important part of extensions. I have been trained extensively in cutting techniques for blending extensions. The right cut creates true realism for your customized extensions. It isn’t a compliment if a stranger tells you I love your extensions.


full head of hair

5 . After care maintenance. What brush, hair products to use, how often to visit the stylist, why maintenance is so important?
I recommend the clients come back in 2 weeks for a follow up. This will allow me to check and make sure that proper maintenance is being implemented. I recommend every 2 months for a trim. Most of my clients I am able to see them regularly for their color. So I am able to do their color, trims, and check in.  I give my clients a maintenance program to insure the success of they’re new and improved hair. This paper goes over the dos and don’ts of hair extensions. The reason I give them this knowledge is so they are able to have a great experience with hair extensions. With proper maintenance and care your extensions should be everything you were hoping for!
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